Detailed Introduction


YL - NNO dye dispersant NNO

The nature of the
Appearance: m weight toner
Composition: naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensation product
Ionic: anion
Solubility: soluble in water

The main quality indicators


indicators name


Dispersion force (for standard),%≥


Sulfate content,%≤


PH Value(1% Aqueous solution)


Impurity content of insoluble in water,%≤


content of calcium and magnesium ions,ppm%≤



Properties and USES

         This product is soluble in water, acid, alkali, salt and hard water, good diffusion performance.Is mainly used for disperse dyes, VAT dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, and leather dyes as dispersant, grinding efficiency, increases the solubility, dispersion is good, can also be used for textile printing and dyeing, wettability dispersing agent, pesticides paper with dispersant, electroplating additives, latex, rubber, construction, water soluble paint, pigment dispersant, oil drilling, water treatment agent, carbon black, dispersant, etc.
         Dispersant in industry is mainly used for VAT dye suspension pad dyeing, dyeing leuco acid method, dispersion with soluble VAT dyes, dyeing, etc.Can also be used for silk/wool interwoven fabric dyeing, there is no color of silk.Dispersing agent NNO in the dye industry is mainly used as dispersion and the spread of the lake was manufactured fertilizer, rubber emulsion stability, as well as leather auxiliary tanning agent.
         Conditions of use (1) the dispersant NNO used as dispersion, dispersion of VAT dye and filler, disperse dye or VAT dye makings fineness processing and dyes can be used diffusion agent N join mill and sand mill.The dosage of the diffusion agent N 05-3 times that of VAT dye or disperse dye 1.Part 5-2 times, can stay in dye commercialization as filling agent to join;
        1, the dispersant NNO used as a dye VAT dye: county floating body rolling staining: in pad dyeing bath, general diffusion agent N3-5 g/l, general diffusion agent in the reductive bath N15-20 g/l;Leuco acid: a show diffusion agent N dosage for 2-3 g/l;
        2, dispersant NNO used to disperse dye dyeing: polyester at high temperature and high pressure dyeing can join in the dye bath commonly 0.5 1.5 g/l, diffusion agent N;
        3, dispersant NNO used as ice dye dyeing: to improve the leveling and rubbing fastness, color of phenol render bath diffusion agent is generally 2-5 g/l, color bath diffusion agent N dosage generally 0.5 to 2 g/l.

Packaging and storage of

        1, within the external preparation of double packing, each bag of 25 kg;Also can be adjusted at any time according to user's need.
        2, should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, agglomeration can be used after crushing, does not affect the use effect.
Expiration date: 1 year, extended after test qualified can still use.