Detailed Introduction


YL - 09 np early strength high efficiency water reducing agent

Products overview:

           YL - 09 np early strength jianshuiji early strength and water reducing components such as composite and become a kind of free chlorine concrete admixture, good early strength and water reducing performance, under the condition of low temperature environment greatly improved concrete early and late strength, significantly increase the pumpability, improve the workability, as the main measures of speeding up construction schedule and improve working efficiency has been widely applied in all kinds of engineering.

And qualitative indicators:






Powdery gray

PH Value



0.315mm triage≤12%

chloride ion content


moisture content


Flowability net



The main technical performance:

         1, the dosage of 1.5 2.5% of gelled material, can reduce the unit water consumption is 10-15%.
         2, added to the product under the condition of the same slump, 10-15%, and can save cement strength is not reduced.
         3, suitable for steam curing, the rapid growth of the strength in the same water and slump conditions, concrete strength by 50-120% a day, three days strength increase 40-100%, 7 days strength increased 30-80%.
         4, late added to the product of the concrete strength increases correspondingly.
         5, 5 ℃ to 30 ℃, the suitable conditions of concrete engineering, can speed up the template turnover increase progress, economic and technical results are good.
        6, the product not retarded air-entraining, has extensive adaptability to cement, can improve the main mechanical properties of concrete in an all-round way, improve permeability in concrete, had no effect on drying shrinkage of concrete.

Physical and mechanical properties of concrete:


Test project

Factory technical indicators

National standard (grade a)

Water reducing rate (%)



Exudation rate (%)



Air content (%)



Difference between the setting time

Initial setting



Final set



The pressure resistance than
Not less than

1 days



3 days



7 days



28 days



Shrinkage ratio (%)

28 days



Effect on steel corrosion

No rust



Application technology main points:

          1, please comply with the provisions in the technical specification for concrete admixture applications.
          2, according to the dosage of stir in cement or the mixture of water, appropriate USES mechanical agitation.
          3 should pay attention to during construction and maintenance.

Package and storage:
          1, the product with inner plastic outer double packing, each bag is 25 kg;
          2, powder should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, agglomeration can be used after crushing, does not affect the use effect.                                                                              
          3, Expiration date: 1 year, extended after test qualified can still use.