Detailed Introduction


YL - 08 np retarded high efficiency water reducing agent

Products overview:

          YL - 8 retarded efficiency water reducing agent, naphthalene series high efficient water reducing and a moderate amount of retarder, stabilizer, and increasing agent compounded components, with high efficiency water reducing, retarded the early and final set late early strength, enhancement, and the characteristics of small slump loss, is the preparation of high performance, high strength concrete are mass concrete, long-distance conveying the ideal of commercial concrete admixtures, this product can produce two kinds of powder, liquid form, to meet different engineering requirements.

And qualitative indicators:


Refers to the standard


Refers to the standard

Outside view


Beige powder


0.35mm triage≤12%


Brown liquid

Flowability net


proportion of liquid


chloride ion content


Moisture content of solid


Defoaming time


PH Value





The main technical performance:

         1, the range of content: 1.5 3.0% gelled material, water reducing rate can reach 15-25%.
         2, a slight increase in background gas, beneficial to concrete without adverse effects.
         3, this product has the retarding plastic function, slump loss is small, very beneficial to goods transportation pouring of concrete.
         4, the product mix in the concrete setting time delay 1 ~ 3 h, and solidification time can be adjusted according to user's actual requirements at any time, do not affect the growth of the strength of concrete were.
         5, on the durability of concrete, workability, bending, tensile, permeability, etc, the indicators have improved significantly.
         6, wide applicability of cement, is preferred for the preparation of commodity products.

Physical and mechanical properties of concrete:


Test project

Factory technical indicators

National standard (grade a)

Water reducing rate (%)



Exudation rate (%)



Air content (%)



Difference between the setting time

Initial setting



Final set



The pressure resistance than
Not less than

1 days



3 days



7 days



28 days



Shrinkage ratio (%)

28 days



Effect on steel corrosion

No rust



Application technology main points:

         1, please comply with the provisions in the technical specification for concrete admixture applications.
         2, using the same method in the construction or after mixing method, appropriately extended mixing time, guarantee the full uniform.
         3, suitable for 5 to 10 ℃ under the condition of concrete construction.
         4, the early use of this product or cement varieties should be according to the actual situation, to do fitness test to determine the content.

Package and storage:

         1, the product with inner plastic outer double packing, each bag is 25 kg;
         2, powder should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, agglomeration can be used after crushing, does not affect the use effect.                                                                              
         3, product validity: 1 year, extended after test qualified can still use.