Detailed Introduction


YL - PCE - SR poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent for liquor (bao slump type)

Poly (carboxylic acid water reducing agent confirmed failure type

         Is our independent research and development of a new generation of bao slump type poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent, can significantly inhibit the slump loss of concrete.Product is suitable for high water reducing type poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent distribution using, can be widely used in pumping concrete, superfluid state self-compacting and high strength high performance concrete and concrete products.
         This product in concrete under alkaline conditions, the molecular structure of the reactive groups can slow release of the group with dispersion effect, have the effect of continue to disperse cement.Thus suppressing the effect of concrete slump loss.

A, product characteristics

         1, slump retention value, the product has great slump retention, slump after 1 h can reach more than 80% of the fresh concrete slump, can effectively solve the problem of concrete slump loss faster.
         2, concrete performance Fresh concrete workability is good, hardening and durable performance;

Second, the technical indicators
Table 1 water reducing agent and qualitative indicators

Inspection items

Quality indicators

Inspection results



Light yellow transparent liquid







Solid content



Alkali content(Na2O+0.658K2O %)



Chloride ion content(%) 



Sodium sulfate content(%)



Fluidity of net cement slurry(mm)



Table 2. Physical and mechanical properties of concrete

Inspection items

Quality indicators

Inspection results

Water reducing rate(%)



Atmospheric pressure bleeding rate(%)



Pressure bleeding rate(%)



Air content(%)



Slump retention values(mm)30min






Compressive strength than(%)    3d









Effect on reinforcement corrosion

No rust

No rust

Shrinkage rate than(%)



Three, scope of application

         1, wide adaptability of Portland cement and ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, fly ash, ash, cement and various admixtures are widespread adaptability.
         2, suitable for high water reducing poly carboxylic acid water reducing agent distribution of use;

Fourth, use method and matters needing attention

         1, common content is 0.6% - 1.2% (in total gelled material), should be based on the characteristics of engineering materials and, in order to test to determine the best content;
         2, water reducing agent can dissolve in water, and also can be added to the concrete mixer separately in the green, environmental protection materials, nonpoisonous and harmless, no "three wastes" produced in the course of production.
         3, the company provides a full range of use of technology, can be training for the user, if there are any problems, have engineer door-to-door guidance.
         4, and is suitable for the preparation of early strength concrete, retarded, precast concrete, concrete, concrete, flow state of self-compacting concrete, mass concrete, high-performance concrete and concrete mixing of various industrial and civil building cast-in-place concrete.Especially suitable for low grade commercial concrete.
        5, can be widely used in high-speed rail, nuclear power, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, subway, Bridges, highways, harbor wharf and other national large and key projects.
        6, suitable for all kinds of civil and commercial concrete mixing station.

Five, packaging, storage and transportation

        1, this product is liquid, for 220 kg/barrel and 1.1 tons/barrels of seal.
        2, storage process leakage, prevent sun, anti high temperature;
        3, guarantee period is one year, expired inspection qualified rear can use.
        4, this product is no alkali liquid, non-toxic, non-corrosive.The environmental pollution-free products.But do not eat.