Detailed Introduction


YL - PP poly carboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent

Products overview:
        YL - PP poly carboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent for my company independent development of new area environmental protection poly carboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent.The water reducing agent for indicators of homogeneity and mixed with the performance of the concrete has reached the level of similar foreign products, in the domestic leading level.It combines retarded, early strength, high efficiency water reducing, can be widely used in common concrete, pumping concrete, superfluid state of self-compacting and high performance concrete, especially in the high strength high performance concrete, especially has the outstanding performance in high strength high performance concrete application.


Action principle:
         Poly carboxylic acid main chain of high efficiency water reducing agent molecules adsorbed on the surface of cement particles, branch chain surrounded around the cement particles, have the effect of the space steric hindrance.With the traditional water reducing agent by electrostatic repulsion dispersing mechanism of cement particle is completely different, thus has better dispersion ability, plasticity and water reducing effect, eventually make the comprehensive performance of concrete products have a qualitative leap.


And qualitative indicators:


PH Value


Solid content

Cement net fluidity

Chloride ion content

Alkali content

Pale yellow








Dosage scope and product features:
        1、The suitable dosage range of 0.5% - 1.4%, in view of the high strength and ultra efficient concrete configuration can be appropriately increase the dosage, but not more than 2.5%. The maximum dosage in concrete cement and cooperation should also be determined by experiment.
        2、High water reducing rate is as high as 40%, in order to improve the concrete strength, economize cement provides the assurance, can be used in the preparation of high performance concrete C80 and C80 high-strength, the different dosage of water reducing rate, the higher the dosage of water reducing rate.
        3、Excellent dispersion and self-compacting, to formulate the superfluid state self-compacting concrete of different strength grade.
        4、Can significantly increase the early and later strength, improve the engineering construction progress.
        5、Good plasticity, can significantly prolong the shipping time of commercial concrete and construction site, retention time, reduce the economic loss and ensure the normal pumping concrete.
        6、Wide adaptation, for a variety of Portland cement and ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement and admixture has good dispersion and plastic.
        7、Low dosage, dosage of 0.5% - 1.4% of low compared with other high efficiency water reducing agent in the department of naphthalene and has higher economic advantages.