Detailed Introduction


VPEG - 2400.
Product name: methyl allyl polyoxyethylene ether
Chemical formula: CH2 = C (CH3) CH2O nH (CH2CH2O)
Main application: used in the production of mixed together main raw materials of carboxylic acid high efficiency water reducing agent.Poly carboxylic acid concrete admixture of high efficiency water reducing agent is emerging in recent years, has many unique advantages, especially in low dosage cases can can improve the performance of poly (carboxylic acid water reducing agent to reduce water and improve the liquidity of concrete mixture and flow stability, reduce slump loss and shrinkage, etc., is a compound high strength, white solid, high durability and high performance concrete water reducing agent of choice for variety.
The monomer does not contain any harmful substances, no reinforcement corrosion, no pollution of the environment.
Areas of application: the product is mainly used in the production of poly (carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent series products.Is mainly used in preserved slump sex requirement is higher in the concrete, such as commodity concrete, mass concrete, self-leveling concrete, etc.;In the field of water conservancy, national major projects such as nuclear power is more widely used.

The basic parameters:
Appearance white flakes
PH 6 ~ 7
The hydroxyl mgKOH/g 23.5 plus or minus 3
The molecular weight of 2100 ~ 2600