Detailed Introduction


YL - SG retarder

Name: sodium gluconate

Products overview:
        YL - SG belongs to the retarder, can use alone, also can be used with other admixture.This product can reduce the hydration of cement, prolong the setting time, and prolong the service life of concrete, and will not affect the quality of concrete.The product conforms to ASTM C494, class B, and GB50119 GB8076-2008-2008.
Under the condition of high temperature using can overcome the quick-setting phenomena of concrete.Can be widely used in the mass concrete production, long distance transportation of fresh concrete, sprayed concrete and concrete.


CAS: 527-07-1
EINECS no. : 208-407-7
Molecular formula: C6H11NaO7
Molecular weight: 218.14
Solubility: easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, can not soluble in ether.
By adding sodium gluconate can obtain the following results:

       1, enhance the operability
          In the water to cement (W/C) under the condition of invariable, adding sodium gluconate can enhance plasticity.At this point, the sodium gluconate is a function of the plasticizer.In the amount of sodium gluconate in with 0.1%, has improved the degree of operational is proportional to the amount.     
       2, enhance strength,
          Content decreased with cement content remains the same (i.e., W/C ratio, reduce) the addition of sodium gluconate amount was 0.1%, water addition can reduce about 10%.     
       3, to reduce the cement content
           Water content and water content remains unchanged and drop, W/C ratio remains constant.At this point, the reducing agent sodium gluconate as cement.

        In general, the following two aspects on the performance of concrete is very important: contraction and produce heat.Sodium gluconate as a retarder

          1, sodium gluconate can significantly delay the initial and final solidification time of concrete.The dosage of 0.15%, initial solidification time directly proportional amount of logarithm and cooperation relations, namely with addition amount plus one times.Initial solidification time delay to 10 times, this makes can extend from a few hours to work for a few days and the intensity of undamaged.Especially in hot weather and need a place for a long time, this is an important advantage.
          2, big volume and weight of perfusion project is more difficult to construction.Added sodium gluconate, due to the improvement of the concrete operational force of coagulation time delay can avoid produce phase on the surface structure, the result can increase the structural strength. 
3, the W/C ratio unchanged in hot areas and has important significance to enhance operability.In the Middle East when it was used to build a bridge of sodium gluconate. 
4, add sodium gluconate in concrete mix, can delay the time of solidification, the long and difficult perfusion is very important. 
5, now in the concrete industry, mixed concrete is in the center spot good supporting system, and then use mixer truck out.In this case, increase the maneuverability of the slow initial solidification time is very important. 
6, the reduction of W/C ratio made higher strength and durability of concrete, sodium gluconate can be used to achieve this purpose.This is very important of high strength reinforced concrete. 
7, prefabricated building with mortar must can use in a long time.Adding sodium gluconate can work for longer periods.     
8, due to the high temperature water slurry is difficult to operate, after adding sodium gluconate mud concrete can work under 170 ℃ temperature for several hours.
Package and storage:
1, the product with inner plastic outer double packing, each bag is 25 kg;
2, powder should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, agglomeration can be used after crushing, does not affect the use effect.
Expiration date: 1 year, extended after test qualified can still use.