Detailed Introduction


YL - SNF - A naphthalene series high efficient water reducing agent (high concentration)
Products overview:
         YL - SNF - A naphthalene series high efficient water reducing agent (high concentration), is on the basis of naphthalene series high efficient jianshuiji production after deep processing efficient purification of higher performance concrete admixture, it does not contain chlorine salt and sodium sulfate content is below 5%, the steel bar corrosion, non-toxic, non-polluting.Outside the inherits all the advantages of the high efficiency water reducing agent, can avoid because of the larger aggregate activity, or in a moist environment concrete engineering JianJiLiao reaction, prolong the service life of concrete.It belongs to low alkali highly enriched the air-entraining type high efficiency water reducing agent, plasticizing effect of cement particles with a strong dispersion;Widely used in railway, highway, Bridges, water and electricity, ports, docks, industrial and civil construction, prefabricated concrete engineering and there is a requirement for sodium sulfate content in concrete.It makes the performance of naphthalene series high efficient water reducing agent has been further extended and play, the update products popularization is the 21st century.
The main technical performance indicators:
           The dosage of 0.5 1.2% of gelled material, decrease water for 15-30%.
And qualitative indicators:







Tan fine powder





Brown liquid

PH Value


Proportion of liquid


Chloride ion content


Moisture content of solid


Defoaming time


Sodium sulfate content


Flowability net


         1、Added to this product can make the concrete in the case of the workability and strength unchanged, can save cement 15-20%, keep the same mixture ratio, can make the slump increases more than 10 cm.
         2、This product has the obvious effect of water dispersion, can in the case of low water cement ratio to improve the workability of concrete, liquidity concrete, the concrete surface is smooth, can improve the package of steel bar and concrete strength.
         3、This product has obvious early strength, enhancing effect, powder mixing of 0.5-1.2% of cases, the concrete strength increase 50-100% of the 1 day, 3 day strength increase 40-70%, by 25-60%, 7 days strength, 28 days strength increased 20-60%.
         4、This product is a low alkali and sodium sulfate type, high purity products, its low alkali content effectively avoid concrete JianJiLiao reaction.Under the condition of negative temperature configuration liquid product crystallization, no precipitation.Suitable for automatic construction.
         5、This product has extensive adaptability to cement, can improve the concrete main physical and mechanical performance, reduce the cement hydration heat, significantly improve the impermeability of concrete performance, had no effect on drying shrinkage of concrete.

Concrete physics performance:

Test project

Factory technical indicators

National standard (grade a)

Water reducing rate (%)



Exudation rate (%)



Air content (%)



Difference between the setting time

Initial setting



Final set



The pressure resistance than
Not less than

1 days



3 days



7 days



28 days



Shrinkage ratio (%)

28 days



Effect on steel corrosion

No rust


Applicationtechnology main points:
          1、The powder is given as a percentage of gelled material, liquid products according to the solid content reduced usage, cut out from the ratio of water content.
          2、After the mixing method, extend and uniform mixing time.
          3、This product can be used to configure the winter composite antifreeze, effectively avoid sodium sulfate crystallization.
Package and storage:
          1、The powder product with inner plastic outer double packing, each bag is 25 kg;Liquid using plastic or iron drum packaging, 50 kg, 220 kg a barrel, according to user needs to adjust.
          2、The powder should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, agglomeration can be used after crushing, does not affect the use effect.
          3、The product validity: 1 year, extended after test qualified can still use.